Buying a home is probably one of the biggest (if not the biggest) investment you’ll ever make.  But it could be your biggest mistake of your life. For that reason, you’ve wisely chosen to have a home inspection done to help protect you against costly repairs in the future, such as repairing cracked foundation walls. But, most home inspection don’t include inspections for insects and pests that could pose serious threats to the stability of the home, particularly termites and other insects that destroy wood. And, what about other pests, like rats and mice? Let an experienced GC Cleaning Services Limited inspect your new home to ensure you’re pest free!

Leaky plumbing and faulty wiring isn’t the only thing to be afraid of when purchasing a home. Dry rot, crumbling timbers and spongy floors are signs of infestations that can seriously affect the home’s structure. What’s even more frightening is that an infestation may not be readily to a home inspector and, if undetected, can seriously undermine the home’s safety. Finally, to add insult to injury, damage caused by wood destroying pests is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.


Termites live in colonies and near a food source. Since, they dine on wood, they’ll mostly likely be found underground, near tree stumps, trees and woodpiles. If you notice swarms of what look like winged ants inside the home or scattered wings, suspect a termite infestation. Barring actually seeing the pests, look for mud tubes-structures termites build from mud and other debris and use to travel from one area to another. You may find these on ceilings, floor joists and foundation walls.

Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants also live in colonies, typically containing up to 3,000 members overseen by a queen.  They swarm in the spring and, although they don’t eat wood, they tunnel through it as they build the queen’s nest. Indoors, you may find the nests in the wall cracks, attics, insulation, hollow doors, crack under the sinks and window or door casings. They usually thrive in wood that has 15 per cent moisture content.

Carpenter Bees:

Carpenter bees are those big black bees that dive-bomb people on sunny days. They tend to hang out under the eaves of a house or near the deck of the porch. Like carpenter ants, they don’t consume the wood but create tunnels to nest in. It takes a huge infestation of carpenter bees, over a long period of time, to actually cause structural damage to the home. The holes, however, may attract fungal pathogens or carpenter ants. If you live in an area that is notorious for this type of pest damage, a professional pest inspection is a must.

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