Checklist to Keep a Kitchen Clean Everyday

When it comes to owning a commercial kitchen, you cannot afford to neglect cleanliness in any way. If you do, chances are that you’ll be charged with food safety and restaurant inspection violation that can put your restaurant on the verge of a shutdown – even if your food tastes great. That is why you should keep cleanliness as top priority and teach your staff to strictly follow personal hygiene and food safety standards (since the two are interlinked). If daily kitchen cleaning becomes too much to handle, you can outsource the task to commercial kitchen cleaners so that they can take that burden off your shoulders. The easiest way you’ll keep your kitchen clean is by following a simple checklist for the everyday kitchen cleaning routine. Here are some of the main points that can be included in such a checklist.

Staff Training
Whether you have a clean kitchen or not depends on the staff you’ve taken on board and the training you’ve given them. If you’ve made efforts to train your staff on the basics, and there’s clarity in the matter, you won’t face any problems keeping the kitchen tidy. Whenever a new member is hired, walk them to the kitchen and tell them that they won’t just work here, they’ll need to keep the place spotless. You can write down a list or routine that staff can follow for the next day or week, etc. Alternatively, you can hire personnel from professional cleaning services in Nigeria who’ve trained their staff on how to clean restaurants.

Cleaning During Shifts
Another point to consider is to make things easier by appointing a few chores for the employees to do during their shifts. These chores should include wiping the floors, washing and clearing the prep areas, cutting boards, blenders, slicers, and taking out the trash. Cutlery and dishes are washed and dried throughout the day, as it is, to ensure that clean plates are available at all times. Completing such chores makes it easier for commercial kitchen cleaners to handle the heavier cleaning tasks.

Close of Day Cleaning
Some tasks only make sense doing after your restaurant has closed for the day. These end-of-day tasks include sweeping and vacuuming the floors, cleaning washing stations and ice racks, removing spills and splatters from the walls, shutting down and cleaning fryers and cooktops, etc. Professional Cleaning services have the resources and expertise to carry out these end-of-day cleaning duties according to the schedule and standard operating procedures.

Weekly Cleaning
Commercial kitchen cleaners such as GC Cleaning Services can be hired to clean your commercial kitchen or restaurant on a weekly basis. Their chores can include cleaning faucets, sinks, boilers, scrubbing ovens and steamers. These are tasks that cannot be completed daily, so they are carried out weekly, instead.

Monthly Cleaning
Just like weekly cleaning tasks, some tasks can be carried out on a monthly basis to keep the commercial kitchen or restaurant spotless. GC Cleaning Services Ltd can thoroughly deep clean a kitchen every month to keep it spick and span. This would include cleaning the refrigerators and clearing grease buildup on the hoods. If left alone for too long, they might cause frosting or become fire hazards and result in accidents. Monthly cleaning also includes taking care of the drain pipes, air filters, vents and switching any rodent traps around the space.

Yearly Cleaning
The annual cleaning that commercial kitchen cleaners carry out are the most daunting of all. GC Cleaning Services Ltd will can check for plumbing issues or heating problems in cold weather. The final point here is that they’ll make sure your kitchen is ready for any surprise inspection.

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