How dusty is your home? We bet you might not even realize that you live surrounded by dust. That’s because dust is insidious; it slowly builds up until it becomes too thick for you to ignore it.

If you are like most people, chances are you don’t want to live in a dusty environment. Fortunately, GC Cleaning Services Ltd can help you out. Here are a few of the dustiest spots in a home, together with our best tips to clean heavy dust and to prevent it from building up.

Mantels And Bookshelves

These flat surfaces entice people into piling up lots of things such as decor items, photos, pens, sunglasses and even unopened mail. You may already know that clutter is one of the major invitations for dust to accumulate. Get rid of this clutter and you’ll already be on the right track in keeping your home dust-free. Furthermore, remember not to overlook bookshelves and mantels during your usual weekly home cleaning. Give up using wood or furniture polishes, as they are huge dust traps. Just wipe down all these surfaces with a soft microfiber cloth.

The Top And The Coils Of Your Refrigerator

How often do you wipe down the top of your fridge? Chances are you don’t even give it a thought. However, this is an area where dust loves to build up. The coils of your fridge are another dust magnet, regardless of their location. Always remember to clean the top of your fridge. If you wipe it down regularly, you’ll have an easy time at doing it, as the dust layer won’t have a chance to thicken. In addition, consider pulling out the fridge and cleaning its coils once or twice a year. If you need a professional clean, check out GC Cleaning Services Ltd refrigerator cleaning service.

Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans And Other Such Elements

Most people believe that they can easily get rid of the dust on their ceiling fans by putting them on high speed until they look like new. However, this isn’t the right approach to cleaning the blades of your ceiling fan. Most probably, you’ll see clumps of dust flying across your room, creating an even bigger problem. Your light fixtures, also, tend to accumulate stubborn clusters of dust. You can easily prevent such situations by regularly cleaning your ceiling fans and your light fixtures. Like this, there won’t be enough time for the dust to build up in thick layers.

Carpets And Rugs

Even though your carpet may look all nice and clean, you can rest assured it is one of the dustiest areas in your home. You should make sure you vacuum your carpets and rugs at least once a week. If you have pets, you may want to vacuum them more often, in order to remove all dust and debris before it has a chance to thicken.

How To Prevent Dust From Accumulating

Preventing dust accumulations is much easier than cleaning them. The biggest and the most effective secret is the keeping of a regular cleaning schedule. If dust doesn’t have a chance to form a thick layer, you’ll be able to remove it by simply wiping down all surfaces with a soft microfiber cloth. You may not want to pull your fridge out every week to clean its coils, but doing it once or twice a year should do.

Are you on a very busy schedule that leaves barely any room for regular home cleanings? We can help! Our team of professional cleaners will thoroughly clean and tidy up your house, so that you can enjoy impeccable cleanliness without having to find the time or the energy to do it yourself. Call us today!

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