We all want to be that person who can have guests over without a crazy cleaning spree

1. Start your day by making the bed.
If there’s one thing you can control in the day’s chaos that lies ahead, it’s your bed. It doesn’t take but a few minutes, but this easy task sets your day up for success. Even if it’s just a hurried smoothing out of the comforter, making your bed helps you start your day with a sense of productivity and order that’s likely to carry through to the next thing you do.

2. Tidy up as you go.
Did you try out two or three outfits before picking your look for the day? Use a few pans preparing breakfast? Clean it up and put it all away before you move on. If you incorporate this into everything you do throughout your day, there will be a lot less lying around taunting you later.

3. Wipe it down before you walk away.
A quick wipe down can do wonders. If you wipe down the surface you’ve used after each use, you’ll keep counters and glass surfaces clean and ready to be used each time. From wiping down your glass shower door to swiping your sink after washing the dishes, a quick clean can prevent grime build up and keep your surfaces spotless.

4. Tackle a load of laundry each day.
Avoid overflowing hampers by giving your washer a work out each day. It’s an unavoidable task (keeping your family clothed is kind of necessary), so if you do it on a consistent basis, it won’t pile up and take over your entire Sunday.

5. Place all paper in its proper place.
Mail, bills, notes from school, take out menus – paper piles up quickly. Keep your counters and office clutter-free by establishing designated places for paper in your home. Make a drawer for takeout menus and coupons. Create folders for bills, school memos, and other important printouts. Put these items in their place as soon as you get them.

6. Donate what you don’t need regularly.
Stuff is wreaking havoc in homes across the South. You probably don’t need 15 water bottle bottles for a family of 4, and it’s likely time to get rid of that shirt your son grow out of months ago.

It’s much easier to keep a home organized when there is less clutter in it. Treasure items with meaning, but don’t collect unnecessary stuff. Instead of wasting time trying to keep things you don’t need under control, take a moment and purge some of these things you don’t need on a regular basis.

7. Clean your fridge on a weekly basis.
Seeing some scary goop under your groceries in the corner of your fridge? You’re not doing it right. Give your refrigerator a weekly refresh. Not only will cleaning your fridge help you keep things spick-and-span, but it will also help you create an accurate list of what you need on your next run to the store.

8. Always clean up after cooking.
Resist the urge to turn on the TV and melt into your couch after dinner. The longer you let your pots and pans linger, the harder they’ll be to clean. We know it’s been a long day, but if you quickly rinse your dishes and load the dishwasher right after you eat, the sink will be clear before you know it.

9. Straighten up before you hit the hay.
Do a quick sweep through your most lived-in rooms before you call it a night. Tuck away any toys, shoes, or blankets, and make sure backpacks and bags are ready for the next day. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Start incorporating these clean home habits into your schedule bit by bit, and you’ll build your way to having a tidy home every day.

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