After planning and constructing newly-built apartments, developers can expect their buildings to be fully functional when completed. Essential elements such as the flooring, walls, ceilings, rooms, doors, windows, and staircases are expected to be in pristine condition, including plumbing fixtures, countertop tables, and built-in cabinets, at the time when the keys are handed over to the property owner.

To make sure that newly-built apartments will be spotlessly clean when the property owners arrive at the scene, it is highly advisable to consider a professional post-construction clean up service. The reason why is because it is common for construction crews and tradespeople to leave a mess, and there might be some debris and raw materials left behind that gets overlooked during the final walk through inspection, such as markings on walls and cabinets, some drops of paint on the floor, or price stickers left on windows, glass surfaces, appliances, or fixtures.

For owners of newly-built apartments, before you can start putting up listings of your rental apartments, you need to make these presentable to interested tenants. This means getting them thoroughly cleaned to make sure there are no signs of construction. The task itself is not easy and is best taken care of by professionals who specialise in post-construction cleanup, which includes:

• Debris removal. Cleaning crews will handle the disposal of debris and raw materials left behind after construction.

  • Floor cleaning and polishing. Cleaning crews will clean and polish your floors using techniques and tools that are recommended for the type of flooring material. Whether you have tiles or hardwood, you can be assured that it will not be damaged by the cleaning process.
  • Carpet cleaning. For apartments with carpeted flooring, a post-construction cleaning service will also have the skills necessary to gently remove stains from them.
  • Window cleaning. Professional post-construction cleaners can help keep your windows spotless and streak-free.
  • Countertop cleaning. Countertop tables made of wood and porous stones will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, and bacteria.

• Sanitation of plumbing fixtures. To prepare your new apartment building for occupancy and promote public health, fixtures such as sinks, faucets, toilets, and bathtubs will be thoroughly washed and sanitised.

GC Cleaning Services Ltd is a professional, full-service cleaning company that specialise in post-construction cleanup. We can also assist you with the cleaning and maintenance of commercial or public faci

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