Cleaning carpets can be one of the most difficult tasks to undertake for residential property owners and commercial businesses, especially if carpets are in an area of high foot traffic, such as entry points where they often get wet. Not only are carpets notoriously difficult to dry, removing deep-seated stains from carpets are likewise next to impossible without the proper equipment.

This is why professional steam carpet cleaning is a highly sought-after commercial service that many people won’t hesitate to invest in because of the results produced. Known for their speed, efficiency, and capacity to deep-clean even the most stubborn of stains, professionally operated commercial steam cleaners are the instant solution to nearly all carpet-oriented problems.

How do professional cleaners achieve such amazing results, is it only because of the equipment they use? It takes training, experience, skill, and extensive knowledge about carpet care, along with the right tools for the job, to produce consistent quality results – carpets that look like new.

Here are just some of the many specialised tools that professional carpet cleaners employ:

• Steam Cleaner – quality commercial steam cleaners are first on the repertoire of professional carpet cleaners. These come in two varieties – the lighter portable ones and the heavy-duty models. Portable steam cleaning machines are usually employed for light stains and mild mould or mildew damage.

Heavy duty steam cleaning machines are typically not brought in at first, as these are often employed to remove deep-seated grime, mildew, or mould that portable steam cleaning machines cannot remove. But because heavy-duty steam cleaning machines tend to be bulky and somewhat difficult to operate, most of the time professional cleaners will use portable ones whenever possible, unless clients specifically request their use or carpets are in a very poor state of condition.

• Buffers and polishers – many people don’t realize that steam cleaning doesn’t just involve cleaning residential or commercial carpets. In most cases, even tile, grout, and some wooden flooring can also benefit from a thorough steam cleaning. With the help of buffers and polishers, even the grimiest tiles can look good as new again.

• Vacuums – professional cleaners have high-powered vacuums that do more than just suck off surface dirt. These powerful vacuums also dislodge deep-seated dirt, which allows for easier cleaning.

If you are looking for the best commercial cleaners that offer high-quality, efficient, affordable, and reliable steam cleaning services, for home and office cleaning, then look no further you can contact us at GC Cleaning Services Limited.

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