Training & Development

Training & Development

We take pride in focusing on staff training and development within our company. All staff employed will undergo a comprehensive induction programme including health and safety, skill and assessments, safeguarding and extensive role specific training.

All our people undergo induction training which take place in our training school and is delivered by our operations managers and admin manager for your specific service. This covers who we are, what we do, health and safety, employee benefits and our terms and condition of employment as well as the expectations we have for our personnel. We also conduct site specific training.

Our career development training programmes increase contract compliance, work satisfaction and retention in providing you and your facility with loyal, committed and high caliber personnel.

Has gained over 22years of experience in the commercial cleaning and fumigation industry across a variety of roles, which all together have given him greater insight into every level of the industry’s Operations.

Armed with his huge expanse of knowledge and experience he set out to create his own legacy and in 2010 GC began trading.

What do we do?

First impressions count in the appearance of your premises can say a lot about you and your business, and with our 22years of experience, GC can offer you a comprehensive range of high-quality commercial cleaning and fumigation and maintenance solutions.

We Are Always Improving

We actually pursue knowledge advancement. One of our founding principles is to consistently look at ways which we can improve our service for your facility. The closer we work together, the more we can improve our services. We aim to support the development of your facility by providing a truly excellent service. This promise is measured by client-specific KPIs, ensuring quality and transparency in everything we do.

We care for your facility as if it were our own.

Therefore, we continually aim for improved service performance that facilitates your purpose through people empowerment.
When we enter into a new relationship, we strive to understand your operations and align with them and then train and support our employees to make a difference to your facility, day in day out.

The business of cleaning and fumigation services is not rocket science – it’s about the personal commitment one business gives to another and ensures promises are delivered and people are motivated. At the end of the day, we want our people to take care of your people, your customers and your facilities- so you can focus on what you do best.

Our operatives and management team are perfectly positioned to provide a premium, reliable and responsive service to all our clients.

GC Cleaning Services Limited leadership team all share the same goals, delivery a passionate, professional and client led service. Regular contract review and recommended to maintain client relationship and contract feedback. We ensure that our managers are not given too many contracts to oversee, so that our people on each site can be fully supported and monitored. Our service management is based on clear communications, regular service review and rapid response to service priority issues.

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