Post Construction Cleaning

Our Post Construction Deliverables

Window Cleaning
Rest Room Sanitization
Floor Treatment
General Cleaning
Health & Safety

During and Post Construction Cleaning

After your renovations or construction projects are done in your home, you need to get your residence clean as soon as possible so that you can begin to enjoy your investment.

Whether it is a residential or commercial Pre, during and Post Construction Cleaning Services, we have the proper equipment, and trained staff to get the job done efficiently.

Pre- Post Construction Cleaning

  • Trash and Junk Removal Services
  • Removal of debris
  • Complete Dust Removal from Surfaces and Walls
  • Clearing of unwanted items
  • Constant general cleaning
  • Dust control exercise
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement
  • Air Scrubber Rental (also known as negative air machines)
  • Complete Cleaning of appliances
  • Removal of Stickers on appliances and Windows
  • Window Cleaning In/Out

Post Construction Cleaning

We use the picture on the current website on post construction. Use all pictures under post construction

Window Cleaning

• Window sills and grout vacuum
• Frames, profiles cleaned and polished
• Spot stains and streaks on windows cleaned (internal and external)
• Burglar bars cleaned, dusting and cleaning of blinds windows.

Rest Room Sanitization

• Tile walls, sink, bathtubs, showers cleaning & disinfection
• Chrome fixtures cleaning & polishing
• Toilet’s cleaning & disinfection
• Mildew chemical treatment

Floor Treatment

• Stripping, scrubbing and washing of all floor tiles
• Stripping, scrubbing and cleaning of cement on floor tiles
• Washing and cleaning of all skirting’s
• Stripping, scrubbing and washing of all external floor tiles

General Cleaning

• Cobwebs removal
• Switches and fixtures stripping and cleaning
• Staircase/landing scrubbing and cleaning
• Full-scale cleaning of surroundings
• Removal of post construction debris
• Cold high-pressure cleaning
• Removal of stickers and label
• Spot wall cleaning
• Removal of cement, paint etc.

Health & Safety

We provide occupational health and safety guide for people working in on site, clients and staff. It provides information to clients on how to comply with health and safety guide during the post construction cleaning.

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