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The term training simply refers to the process of acquiring the necessary skills required for a certain job.

We offer a broad range of training and advisory services from individuals to organisations of all sizes including public sector.

Our training program is designed to increase professionalism and demonstrate a commitment to effective training.

Training and career development are crucial in any professional company or organisation that seeks to progress within its industry sector.


In addition to safety, training is essential in maintaining better practices and standards; it helps also in direct cost reduction by reducing waste. It allows for the injection of new ideas into the organisation. Training is also about introducing new opportunities that can be harnessed and ways to improve procedures and thinking.

Whether you entered this industry many years ago or just starting your carrier as an entrepreneur or professional, there are always newer, better alternatives to the traditional ways of cleaning.

It is imperative to recruit and retain employees who are the right fit for the organisation. Making investing in employees a priority has been proven to improve overall staff satisfaction which usually translates into lower levels of employee turnover, saving valuable resources that would have otherwise been spent on regular recruitment, making training a great employee retention strategy.

Target Audience

We successfully provide skills and development training for:

Individuals desiring to go into cleaning and fumigation
Team Leaders
Organisation with its own in-house cleaning staff
Some of the Key Benefits of our training program:
Increased employee productivity and morale
Standardized Processes for a better Clean or Result
Improved client satisfaction and retention
Evolution through innovation
Boosting technical know how
Reduction of employee turnover
Creation of increased business opportunities
Confidence improvement for exising and intending business owners


Get yourself train as an entrepreneurs and train Your team for maximum results and receive up-to-the-minute information and the vital skills development training, enabling you/your staff to be the best that they can be, and improving your deliverables as well.

Training will educate your employees on the most up-to-date cleaning supplies & equipment and the most efficient procedures. Setting standards on how to perform a cleaning procedure and an understanding of the best products allows an employee to be more proficient in their work, reducing reworks.

As the owner or leader of a commercial cleaning team, you are constantly looking to boost your employee’s productivity and increase tenant satisfaction, both of which will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Proper training is key to ensuring your employees are achieving consistent results, providing a cleaner and safer facility, and increasing occupants & guest satisfaction.

Get in touch with us and find out why so many leading companies trust GC Cleaning Services Ltd for their skills and development training.

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