Home/Residence Cleaning

GC Cleaning Services offers daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and call out basis cleaning services for a wide range of facilities including Home or Residence.

Home-maid Cleaning Service

Our professional maid service cleaning in-residence, call out or on a regularly scheduled basis will guarantee peaceful and convivial atmosphere for healthy living.
We provide the following services each time we are in your home:

  • Thorough cleaning, dusting, vacuuming using professional cleaning products and equipment.
  • Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing of all kitchen appliances, cabinets, tables, and backsplashes
  • Washing and scrubbing of floors, disinfection, chrome polishing and cleaning of tile walls.
  • Bedroom: linen will be changed, furniture cleaned/dusted, heavy knick-knack areas dusted, cobwebs removed, all accessible floor area swept and mopped, with every other thing in place for a peaceful living experience.

Home or Residence Cleaning

Our professional cleaners will clean your house, apartment or upholstery to your specifications. We are the best at what we do and do not just dust and surface clean. GC Cleaning scrubs, sanitizes and details your residence. We take the time to do a complete walk-through of your home with you when we arrive to ascertain what your cleaning priorities are. When we are done we complete a spot check with you to be sure we haven't missed anything that is important to you.
We provide the best services available and we bring our own professional cleaning products for:

  • Marble and granite counters
  • Leather, wood furniture and cabinets
  • Hardwood, laminate, ceramic or natural stone floors
  • Washroom fixtures and tiling, Stainless steel
  • Kitchen gas cooker and fridges
  • Stand fans, ceiling fans or air-condition

we Deep Clean Your Home

We can help you make your home the sanctuary it should be. After our team has fully cleaned your home, you can sit back, relax and recharge. It is surprising how much difference our professional home cleaning services can make to your quality of life.


  • We will clean every room
  • We have tools & experience
  • We will thoroughly clean your home
  • Free Time for Your Family
  • Reduces environmental allergens in your home
  • A healthy living environment for the entire family

Regular Service

  • Daily cleaning service
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Monthly cleaning service
  • Quarterly cleaning service
  • Yearly cleaning service
  • We can tailor our cleaning service towards your own time period

cleaning areas

  • Dirty or moldy window tracks and screens
  • Bathrooms with dirty toilet bases & seat joints
  • Fingerprints on walls, furniture or light switches
  • Washers and dryers with dirty seals and doors
  • Cobwebs in high areas and light fixtures
  • Excessive dust on floors & underneath furniture
  • Dirty mirrors, mirrored sliding doors and doors

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