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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Q 1. How do I make a request for your services?
A: -Online via the website (www.gccleaningservicesltd.com)
-By phone call/SMS
-Visiting our office
-Any of our service locations
Q 2: If I drop my business card or telephone number to be contacted? How quickly do I get a response?
A: Within 24 hours, a representative will contact you
Q 3: Do you always have enough manpower?
A: Yes
Q 4: Do you have provision for an emergency job?
A: Yes
Q 5: Can you take up out of station engagement?
A: Yes, we travel for job execution across the country
Q 6: Can I engage your services outside the state for a whole week? If yes, can you cope with other demand from others clients or customers?
A: Yes, we will handle all tasks and additional demands
Q 7: What is your mode of payment?
A: Payment options:
- Bank Account
- Cheque
- Direct electronic/online transfer
- Payment at our office
Q 8: Should payment be made before or after the completion of a project?
A: 70% upfront payment and 30% at the completion EXCEPT for Janitorial Services whereby 100% payment is made after services on or before the end of the month.
Q 9: Do I need to give you a letter of engagement before the commencement of Janitorial cleaning service?
A: Yes, a letter stating that we both agreed on terms and condition of service required.
Q 10: If I change term and condition agreed e.g. repetition of the job, what is the consequence on my own part?
A: That will attract an additional cost of 50% of the total agreed price.

A: Very competitive and affordable

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