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GC Cleaning Services Limited is the foremost cleaning chemicals supplier in Nigeria, our attention to effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance chemicals is top notch and harmless to the office, home and environment. We produce and distribute across all of the major cities in Nigeria.

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Our cleaning and maintenance chemicals are Nigeria’s best products with premium formulations to meet the high demand for cleaning of home environs, office place, industrial facilities, Lube tanks, vessels, products range from Degreasers, alkaline cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and so on.


A blend of surfactants, emulsifiers and wetting agents used to remove dirt, grease, oil and other stubborn stains on various surfaces of industrial equipment. The costly investment items like modern machines, transport systems, tools and sophisticated equipment are to be well maintained for their performing efficiency as well as their new looks. The product is formulated to keep such equipment clean and to provide cleaner operation environment. It does not require any heating up which makes it very easy and convenient to use.


A blend of penetrants, chlorinated solvents, surfactants and emulsifiers designed to easily and quickly strip paint and varnish from metals, concrete, brick, wood and most hard surfaces. The deep penetrating action of the product softens tough paint and removes it without scraping.


A versatile and high effective rust preventative for use on unpainted metals during outdoor storage or overseas shipping. It protects metal with a heavy waxy film. The product does not require any surface cleaning or preparation and covers the metal like a paint, but easily removable. It provides protection for storage of metal, equipment, tools, tanks, structures, machinery, castings, fittings, valves, doors, frames, fixtures, jigs, etc.


A blend of acids, detergents, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants that is used in all operations where rust should be removed and avoided to lengthen equipment life, efficiency, and improve looks of metal equipment, machinery, tanks, valves, pipes, etc. It reacts with the iron oxides to quickly remove and liquefy rust and corrosion. Simultaneously, the product reacts chemically with the metal surface to form a thin. This layer also acts as a rough base which firmly bonds paint with maximum adhesion.


A high quality fast-drying chlorinated solvent with inhibitor to prevent corrosion during cold cleaning of all metals including aluminium, copper, brass and zinc. The product is used for degreasing and removing soil on electric motors and electrical equipment, their parts and accessories. It can be used on such equipment whether assembled or disassembled and whether operating or not. The product removes oil and grease deposits, metallic particles, carbon dust and other foreign matter.


A two layer cold tank degreaser and decarboniser for the rapid removal of oil, grease, paint, adhesives and waxes from metal components and machinery. The mechanism of cleaning involves a quick penetration to soften polymerised oils associated with the carbon deposit. Then, the deposit is loosened and easily dispersed into the solvent phase of the product. The powerful solvents act quickly without heating to break the bond between deposits and metal. It is safe to use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete and ceramics.


A blend of solvents and wetting agents designed to remove wax, grease, oil and dirt. The product is formulated to effectively penetrate waxy and greasy soils and to remove stubborn deposits. It is widely used in cleaning walls, floors, equipment, machines and plastic parts. It effectively removes all types of floor finishes and build-ups.


A blend of solvents that will attack and dissolve grease, oil, tar and insoluble matter generally encountered in industrial and marine environments. It evaporates slowly leaving a clean, dry surface following the application. The product is used to clean equipment, parts during manufacturing, tools, engines, machinery, molds and dies.


A solvent cleaner and degreaser that has no flash point. Highly recommended for cleaning electrical equipment where moisture or water is intolerable. The product, in dip applications, dissolves grease, oil and grime faster and better than petroleum solvents, increasing speed and efficiency of cold cleaning. Its non-flammable property makes it an ideal replacement for petroleum based flammable products. It is safely used in the industries of electrical engineering and electronics, automotive, aviation, shipping, business equipment, printing, plastics, etc.


A special fortified blend of concentrated powerful degreasers and surfactants formulated to effectively remove grease, oil, dirt and grime from metal, machine parts, engines, concrete and other hard surfaces. It is a versatile product having numerous applications. The product is water soluble and replaces other solvent based degreasers such as mineral spirits, paint thinners, naptha, etc.

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